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A fresh and pristine office highlights your professionalism and creates a healthy working atmosphere for all your employees. Together with you, we develop a cleaning program that meets your needs.
TIP: Clean spaces increase productivity.

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App. complexes

Cleaning of common parts in apartment buildings. The entrance hall, elevator, stairwell and all other common parts of an apartment building are used almost continuously, but we make sure that everything stays looking fresh, clean and maintained.

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Cleaning in practices of doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, research centers, etc. Thanks to ELBIO you can always treat your patients in a clean and hygienic environment. Read more about how we guarantee patient safety and your customer satisfaction.

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Your store should look inviting and cleanliness is a big part of this look. We have experience cleaning stores and make sure everything is always neat and tidy. Whether it is a boutique or mall, we can fully customize our services to meet your needs.

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It is vital that your restaurant remains clean and sanitary. Poor cleaning practices, especially in the kitchen, can lead to health code violations or customer illness. Trust us to make sure every area of your restaurant is properly cleaned.

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It is a necessity for your customers that your company is kept clean and tidy, but SMEs usually have their hands full with running their business. That is why you can hire ELBIO from as little as 3 working hours per week to take those worries of cleaning and maintaining your business out of your hands.

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Do you have another cleaning need not listed above?

It is free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the service you are looking for and help you in any way we can.

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We take a proactive approach as a cleaning company to provide exceptional cleaning to our clients every time.


Everything we do is guided by our clients and their needs. All details regarding cleaning are customized.


ELBIO Cleaning works with professional staff, we do what we say and we deliver quality work every time.


We strive to meet the highest hygiene standards and continually improve in all aspects of our business.


Fairly priced service for your business. We use all-in prices so there are no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises.

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