Professional cleaning of your business in Antwerp

The benefits of ELBIO Cleaning as a cleaning company for your business

ELBIO Cleaning specializes in the cleaning of SMEs, because we know that small businesses already have their hands full running their business. A clean workplace may be a necessity, but it is rarely a priority in the daily activities of business owners. That is why ELBIO Cleaning is there to relieve you of these concerns. You can count on it that your business will always be clean and tidy, without you having to worry about it yourself. Whether it is offices, apartment buildings, medical practices, stores, restaurants or a one-time clean, ELBIO Cleaning will always take care of the cleaning and hygiene of your business. We do this from as little as 3 working hours a week in order to offer even the smallest companies a solution for the cleaning of their premises.

Cleaning company ELBIO Cleaning is the ideal partner for all your businesses in Antwerp

A customized cleaning schedule (as low as 3 working hours per week!): based on your needs and the frequency of our visits
(daily, weekly, monthly or on specific occasions). You can ask for a quotation completely free of charge and without obligation.

Health and hygiene are our priority

ELBIO Cleaning always works with ecological cleaning products. So no harmful ingredients for people or the environment. To help you combat the COVID-19 virus in the workplace, extra attention is paid to the disinfection of surfaces that are touched frequently. Even more than it is already the norm with us.

A one-stop shop for cleaning your business

Keeping a business clean starts not only with regular and thorough cleaning, but also with providing all the necessary products. At ELBIO, the idea is that you will never have to worry about stocking up on soap, garbage bags, disinfectant, air freshener, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. We always take care of that. Do we come to you for at least 4 hours a week? Then we’ll even provide a personal cleaning kit at your workplace.

Cleaning kit:

Vacuum cleaner

Mop system

Cleaning products



This cleaning package will be left with you in a closet or enclosed area if possible and of course will depend on the specific cleaning needs of your business. Are you interested in what materials or products would be included in your cleaning package? Ask for a free quote and we will discuss the possibilities together.

Your satisfaction and observations take precedence

ELBIO Cleaning adapts itself completely to your needs. In order to create a tailor-made cleaning program, during an intake meeting we will draw up a list of everything you consider important for the cleaning of your company. After each cleaning, our professionals check whether all tasks have been carried out correctly on the basis of this checklist. This form will also be left for you so that you can make a note of any remarks and pass them on. We will immediately start working with feedback, you can count on that!

An efficient cleaning by ELBIO Cleaning

At ELBIO, you can rest assured that your entire business will be taken care of, right down to the nooks and crannies. For more specific information regarding the cleaning of your company, you can request a quote. During an intake interview, all options will be discussed together.

Frequently used surfaces that get dirty quickly are taken in hand so that no grease stains or fingerprints are left behind;

Veelgebruikte oppervlakken die snel vuil worden, nemen we onder handen zodat geen vetvlekken of vingersporen achterblijven;

Depending on the floor covering, appropriate appliances and cleaning products will be used to make the floor stain-free and clean as well;

The entire space is dusted off so that all the office furniture looks fresh and attractive again;

Windows are made completely clean on the inside (and outside if possible).

We empty all trash cans and make sure we can leave an orderly space;

Sanitary areas are also cleaned from top to bottom and refilled with the necessary products;

Any plants present will be maintained;

You can count on your business always looking clean and tidy, without having to worry about it yourself.

Why would you choose us?


We take a proactive approach as a cleaning company to provide exceptional cleaning to our clients every time.


Everything we do is guided by our clients and their needs. All details regarding cleaning are customized.


ELBIO Cleaning works with professional staff, we do what we say and we deliver quality work every time.


We strive to meet the highest hygiene standards and continually improve in all aspects of our business.


Fairly priced service for your business. We use all-in prices so there are no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises.

Request a no-obligation quote directly

My name is Eldira and I have been in the cleaning business for several years. With all my experiences under my belt, I finally started my own company in Antwerp to provide a better service for customers looking for a professional cleaning company. I understand as no other what is involved in the cleaning of offices, practices, stores, restaurants and apartment buildings. As the manager of ELBIO Cleaning, I want to take these concerns off the hands of my clients and see to it on their behalf that everything is always in perfect order.