Our first blog post

ELBIO Cleaning, a start-up in the cleaning sector, based in Ekeren we are Eldira and Luka, a (so far ) happy married couple who see importance in cleaning.

We mainly offer classical cleaning of offices, practices, apartment buildings, stores and restaurants and will grow into a “one-stop-shop” for cleaning.

“The greatest convenience of having ELBIO Cleaning as a partner is that all concerns about the appearance of the company are taken out of your hands. You can be confident that all your visitors and potential customers will walk into a squeaky clean building or an immaculate meeting room.”

We consider it important to provide a customer-oriented, quality and, of course, reliable service, which is why ELBIO Cleaning adapts fully to your needs.
For example, we provide a customized cleaning program, this is drawn up during an intake meeting of everything you find important in the cleaning of your offices or workspaces, after each cleaning our professionals check on the basis of a checklist whether all tasks have been correctly performed, these are digitized and can be downloaded at any time from our portal, because yes to digitizing we also participate.

We offer our clients the possibility to book our services from a minimum of 3 hours per week, because even the smaller companies deserve a clean working environment.

Flexibility is key for us, so customers can work with us to form the schedule based on their needs and available time.

In addition to weekly, week-by-week or monthly cleaning, we of course also offer a one-time cleaning service for those who need it.

Request a free quote today at:  https://elbio-cleaning.be/en/free-quote-cleaning-company/

Or call us at 03 369 25 37 and we will start a clean future together!

Thanks and hope to see you soon.

Eldira & Luka.

We are ready for all businesses large or small.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the service you are looking for and help in any way we can.

Why would you choose us?


We take a proactive approach as a cleaning company to provide exceptional cleaning to our clients every time.


Everything we do is guided by our clients and their needs. All details regarding cleaning are customized.


ELBIO Cleaning works with professional staff, we do what we say and we deliver quality work every time.


We strive to meet the highest hygiene standards and continually improve in all aspects of our business.


Fairly priced service for your business. We use all-in prices so there are no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises.

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ELBIO Cleaning works professionally, reliably and with a big bucket of customer focus.