ELBIO cleans with ecological products

We choose fresh, natural and vegan-friendly!

We like to make sure that the rooms are spotlessly clean, and of course smell good too. To make sure that happens, we use Ecover products. We consciously chose this brand and we are sure that you too will soon become a fan, read the reasons why below:

  • A nice and subtle fragrance
    All the fragrances are at least 50 percent of natural origin. Even the synthetic ingredients in Ecover are biodegradable. So we spare your nose hairs from the toxic chemicals, we go for a naturally fresh scent.
  • Reducing the mountain of plastic
    As I’m sure you know, plastic is a big problem for the environment in these times. Therefore, we reuse our bottles by refilling them. It’s very convenient and at the end of the day a whole mountain of plastic is saved. But it doesn’t stop there, because at Ecover, from the beginning, we only use recycled plastic. These are also always 100 percent recyclable, this way we also do our bit.

  • Also for vegans
    Ecover doesn’t test on animals, we can only be in favor of that. They’ve been flaunting Leaping Bunny certification since 2011, and of course they adhere to the strict guidelines of Cruelty Free International. But they even go a step further because they are completely vegan-friendly! That means they don’t use any animal products or insect-derived ingredients. Nowhere. Because the animal industry also has a gigantic impact on the environment: on our waterways, on our land and even on climate change.

  • Vegetable ingredients
    Together with Ecover, we choose mainly plant-based ingredients. Maissuikers and mild, efficient and biodegradable vegetable oils such as palm, coconut, and rapeseed oil. This because we saw the impact of the damage that phosphates from cleaning products caused in underwater biotopes. We partnered with them to use ingredients that are maximally biodegradable! That means that little microbes in our water systems eat them up nicely, until they decompose into CO2, water, minerals and biomass.

For more information on these products, please visit Ecover’s website at https://www.ecover.com/be-nl/.

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